We provide dynamic and experienced senior scientists, specialist affiliated scientists and networks within regional organisations, environmental agencies, research and government in Australia, the Pacific and the United States.


We have specialist skills in a broad range of disciplines, including:

  • Climate change vulnerability and adaptation

  • Water quality assessments

  • Community-based natural resource management

  • Marine monitoring

  • Land and sea interactions

  • Fisheries assessments

  • Pollution risk assessments

  • Environmental impacts assessments, and

  • Science synthesis


We have field capabilities, with access to specialist equipment and personnel including commercial divers.


  • To provide scientific advice as the foundation for natural resource management and conservation.


  • To translate science for management.


  • To enhance community involvement in natural resource management.


  • To facilitate a sustainable future for marine and coastal ecosystems.


  • To promote behavioural change in society to address critical natural resource management issues.



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Capability Statement

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Capability statement

We know what it takes to do the research and produce the outcomes.  We excel at translating those outcomes into practical solutions for management and conservation.



  • Catchment-to-reef assessments

  • Natural resource planning

  • Wastewater management in Marine Protected Areas


  • Climate change risk and vulnerability

  • Climate impact assessment

  • Community-based adaptation


  • Marine monitoring: fisheries and water quality

  • Coral reef habitat assessments

  • Fisheries assessments


  • Ecosystem approach to fisheries management

  • Community engagement and consultation

  • Workshop facilitation

  • Science synthesis

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