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Partners and Senior Scientists


Dr Johanna Johnson


Phone +678 5551114


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Johanna has 25 years' experience in marine research and management in the Asia-Pacific region, and specialises in climate change vulnerability and adaptation, community-based conservation, marine monitoring, synthesis and providing decision-support. Johanna is based in Vanuatu and is Director of C2O Pacific.


Jane Waterhouse


Phone +61 (0)409 053 367


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Jane has 24 years' experience working in the Great Barrier Reef on water quality science, catchment management and science facilitation.  She has expertise in assessing 

interactions across landscapes, such as ridge-to-reef, and conducting water quality risk assessments to support improved catchment management.


Dr Jon Brodie


Phone +61 (0)407 127 030


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Jon has over 40 years' experience in water quality research, monitoring and management in Australia, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.  Jon specialises in policy advice to governments regarding water quality and catchment activities, and assessing environmental risks to marine ecosystems to inform catchment management.


Affiliated Scientists and Organisations


David Welch


Phone +678 5632627


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Dave has 28 years' marine research experience and specialises in fisheries biology and ecology, fisheries stock assessments, marine monitoring, fisher surveys and climate variability to assess fisheries sustainability. Dave has worked extensively in tropical Australia, the Pacific and small islands in the Indian Ocean, and is the Principal Scientist at C2O Fisheries and C2O Pacific.



Dr Michelle Devlin


Phone +61 (0)407 185 969


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Michelle has over 25 years' experience working on coastal and marine ecosystems, and specialises in environmental monitoring of water quality and eutrophication. She spent 8 years as a Partner at C2O Consulting providing advice to managers and policy makers on water quality issues. Michelle is now focusing on European projects, based in the UK.



Dr Catherine Collier


Phone +61 (0)422 234 356


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Catherine has 22 years' experience in applied research for managing coastal and marine ecosystems, specialising in seagrass biology. She has worked closely with environmental managers in both research and monitoring of tropical and temperate ecosystems. Catherine is experienced at synthesising and communicating science to promote research uptake. 


Dr David Haynes


Phone +61 (0)448 331 384


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David has over 30 years' experience in environmental science and management in temperate and tropical Australia and the Pacific. He has extensive experience in the design, implementation and management of waste and pollution management, having spent 8 years at SPREP, as well as in marine and freshwater biological and monitoring. David also has experience in strategic planning and policy.



Dr Jeffrey Maynard


Phone +1 (910) 616 1096


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Jeff is an applied scientist who develops decision-support frameworks for environmental managers using remote sensing, climate and ecological modelling. He has worked extensively with managers in the Pacific, Australia, southeast Asia and the Caribbean on resilience and vulnerability to climate change. Jeff is the Director of SymbioSeas in the USA.



Britt Basel


USA: +1 (310) 773 7638

Cuba: +53 5201 3344
Mexico: +52 1 967128 0289

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Britt specialises in climate change adaptation, community-driven ecosystem solutions, capacity building, disaster risk reduction, collaborative conservation, integrated watershed management, agro-ecology, and sustainable livelihoods. Her experience spans 42 countries and she is fluent in English and Spanish. Britt is the Founder and Principle at Ecothropic with offices in Mexico and the USA.


Shannon Hogan


Mobile +61 (0)407 671 039




Shannon is a graphic and website designer with more than 15 years' experience working in print and online publishing for environmental research and management organisations. Formerly a communications and event manager, as well as Executive Assistant, Shannon provides communications, publications and digital marketing support to C2O Consulting, C2O Fisheries and C2O Pacific.


Affiliated Organisations


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Maynard Applied Research Centre
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